The Beaver Island Artist Retreat called the spirit of my art out of me. I felt the yearning when I saw the ad for the retreat. I was not disappointed. My artistic spirit was renewed, re-ignited and illuminated. I also met some wonderful people from all over the world.  I will gladly do it again and will hope to make it to at least one of the retreats in either France or Israel this coming year. Thanks to Royce and Tali for putting these retreats on.
–Nick from East Lansing, Michigan (August 2016)

I enjoyed the opportunity to retire from the world for a week and concentrate on art.  Beaver Island is a lovely retreat, and Royce and Tali did a great job of organizing.
–Claudia from New York City, New York 
(August 2016)

A retreat in every sense of the word. A real getaway from it all. My very first retreat with a bunch of incredible people from all over the globe; and what an exuberant experience it was — just soaking in the atmosphere of the countryside that a city dweller like me needed, but most of all, doing what I love best!
–Belinda from Singapore (June2016)

Beaver Island literally changed my life. It helped me realize that I WAS a creative.
–Linda from Grand Rapids, Michigan 
(August 2016)

It was an awesome week that I spent on the Beaver Island during August 2016 with Tali & Royce and a bunch of other lovely folks!! An experience I wont forget for a life time. There was lot of learning and sharing during the retreat, something that I have not done before. This is a great concept by Tali & Royce and they are awesome guys with lot of innovative ideas and concepts. Am already looking forward to the next retreat!!!
–Ravi from Bangalore, India

“I remember the week in Olst with you…everyday”
–Ana from Andorra 
July 2016)

“What a joy it was to always find someone to converse and to paint with. I am so grateful to have met each of you and look forward to seeing you in the future! Thank you Tali and Royce for arranging all of it and supporting us in our art. Thank you Kim for keeping us happily fed. Thank you, everyone else, for taking the leap to get on that ferry boat and risk it all for an intense week full of communing and art!”
–Jacquie from Traverse City, Michigan (September 2016) 

Morvan 16

“Your art retreat was wonderful. It gave me new creative input and new ways of viewing things. The Morvan is beautiful and inspiring and so are both of you.
Besides that, we had great fun that week. I want to join you again next year.”
–Marjan from Zwolle, The Netherlands (August 2015) 

Almost everyday since I left the Morvan with all of you wonderful people, I’ve continued to sketch in my sketchbook.

–Joan from Iron Mountain, Michigan (June 2016)

“My stay at the Morvan was, all in all, beyond expectations. From the awe inspiring scenery–that, as beautiful as the photos may be, simply doesn’t translate in pictures–to the workshops, to the amazing people who for that one week became my family. I have learned things I didn’t know needed teaching, and was challenged to do things I didn’t think I would dare. I am a richer person for having attended the retreat, and would most definitely recommend it to anyone seeking new challenges, both in art and in life in general!”
–Yael from Utrecht, The Netherlands (August 2015) 

“First of all-I want to thank Tali and Royce for an unforgettable week. As an instructor myself- I know that the personality of the instructors is one of the most important contributors for the success of a workshop. Tali and Royce I love you!!!!
You are such beautiful, gentle, modest and human people.That is beside your talent and passion’ curiosity and experimental and open mind which are vital in my eyes. Thank you so so much!!
–Ilana from Israel (September 2015) 

grope Olst

Seven truly remarkable days, where I blazed through a tremendous amount of drawing and painting in wide variety of media and even completed four “frame and display worthy” pieces.
–Charles from Grand Rapids, Michigan

Art Retreat was the highlight for me! Thank you for the opportunity to expand my creativity, both in art and sharing my passion for personal growth and wellness. You and Tali make a fabulous team and I look forward to participating and working with you both in the future.
–Lisa from Traverse City, Michigan

The Muse & Usability workshop alone was worth the entire experience.
–Diane from Chicago, Illinois

So many words I have to express how I feel about all of you I met on the start of my journey. You touched my life in ways you cannot imagine. I consider you all family.
–Teresa from Rockford, Illinois

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