Heart of Granada

Granada, Spain 15 to 22 September 2019


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Deposit of $500 / €440 will reserve your place.


This all new retreat, Heart of Granada from 15 to 22 September 2019, is going to give you an experience that will immerse you in the rich flamenco culture that is at the heart of Granada. We will be drawing and painting this special city, its motion and passion that is in flamenco. This retreat is going to be as amazing as it will be unique!


Daily Activities
We are so excited about this retreat because of the several different aspects and influences that are available to us in Granada. Monday through Friday we will all be participating in a daily hour and a half long intro to flamenco class that will infuse us with the rhythm and flavor of the flamenco culture that is so present in Spain. You will need no flamenco or any dance experience. No special dress or shoes will be required. These classes will immerse us in the culture and location in a way that we could not get by observation only. We also will be able to draw the motion of the dance in these classes as well.


Armed with this new daily activity we will go out and draw and paint the city of Granada. Granda is located in the western foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, the southern part of Spain in a region known as Andalusia. So the views from the city are breathtaking. There are great examples of medieval architecture from the Moorish occupation such as the Alhambra. The white stucco houses with their red tiled roofs that line the narrow lanes and streets of the city will present us with authentic Spanish charm.


There is always something exciting happening in Granada day or night. In the evenings we will have the opportunity to go see a few different flamenco performances where we will be able to take our sketchbooks and see what we can come up with.


The nature of this retreat will be much more about recording quickly the movement and action of the experience. Working gesturally will help us to both loosen up and sharpen our ability to look fast and begin to understand what we see. While we will be able to paint, the general nature of the place will probably lend itself much more to smaller lighter weight painting kits such as watercolors, rather than heavier oil or acrylic set ups.

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During our time in Granada we will be creating many smaller works that will give you a lot of information that you will be able to take back to your studio and create bigger more involved paintings. We are confident that once Granada gets under your skin you will be fully inspired to make many paintings.

The Alhambra
Built from about 1238 to 1391AD, the Alhambra is the last and finest Muslim monument in Spain. We will visit the amazing wonder of man. The moorish motifs that adorn just about every surface of the palace will fill you to overflowing with colors and design ideas.


The gardens are beautifully manicured and filled with exotic plants and flowers that are sure to inspire us. Our visit there will be a grand opportunity to see first hand how deep integrated the designs and this culture are. It is important because as artists we are indeed that link that create all of those crucial connections.

Drawing Safari
A Drawing Safari is an invaluable exercise and it is an ArtisTTable original. On this Drawing Safari we walk carefully through the old streets of Granada. We will find beauty in the unexpected and maybe we wont be surprised that we find so much inspiration in this place. During our safaris we walk 2-5 minute and then we draw for 2 minutes and walk again. This is a great way to get to know and love your surroundings. As you learn to look fast and draw fast you will find that not only your drawing skills, but your powers of observation will be sharpened.

Muse & Usability
This workshop is another original creation of Tali and Royce. In a nutshell it is an exercise that will boost your creativity, and help you discover that inspiration can be found everywhere. It is also a time for collaboration with complete freedom of self-expression. This week we will present Muse & Usability like never before, so if you have done this workshop with us before, it will feel all new again.

Art Materials
The materials you bring are up to you. But as we are moving around a lot during this week, large scale paintings or oils are not advisable. If you are interested, we can put together an art material pack for your with watercolors at our cost. Contact us for details.

What is Included

• An apartment in heart of Granada
• A shared room (2 persons) with private bath
• Transportation- Granada Central to apartment
• Breakfast in the apartment
• Lunches
• 4 Dinners
• Introduction to flamenco class
• Admission to a flamenco performance
• ArtisTTable tote bag with sketchbook
• 6B pencil, sharpener, eraser, and sketchbook
• Muse & Usability Workshop
• Artistic guidance/instruction/demonstrations
• An experience you will never forget

What is Not Included

• Alcohol
• 3 Dinners at restaurant of your choice
• Airfare
• Train travel to and from the retreat
• Art supplies


We will be staying in apartments that are owned by the Escuela Carmen de las Cuevas right in the heart of the city of Granada. From our rooms we will have quick and easy access by foot to the school and to the city. The accommodations will be relatively simple but equipped with all the necessities: full kitchen, living room, 3 bedrooms (shared). Each bedroom has its own shower and toilet. By necessity we do need to share rooms, but the special nature of this retreat will more than compensate for the lack of private rooms. We are very much looking forward to this cozy environment, situation, and location.

Travel to the Heart of Granada Art Retreat


Travel to the retreat from outside of Spain is best accomplished by flying to Madrid or Malaga. From Madrid you will need to take a train to Malaga. Whether you take a train or fly to Malaga, you will take bus to Granada. There are also rental cars available in Madrid.

From within Europe or Spain itself driving to Granada is a possibility. Of course train travel is always available, but you need to be aware that you will need to transfer in Malaga to a bus to get to Granada.


We can’t wait to meet you!
We are always looking for new places that will spark creativity in new ways and this Heart of Granada art retreat will be that. We will help you nurture your powers of observation and your artistic practice so that it will grow and grow. During our time in Granada, aside from working on capturing the essence of this city and its culture and the gesture and flavor of flamenco, we will spend a lot of time working on the principles of  composition, balance, color, texture and mark making exist there. We want your experience to be rich and full of many painting adventures.


Tali and Royce have been presenting their own special version of art workshops in many settings around the world since 2007. Personal expression and discovering the creative being at the core of every participant is always their focus.

Both Tali and Royce are professional artists that practice their craft on a daily basis.