Finding Expressionism

לפרטים מלאים על הסדנא בעברית לחץ כאןtable1expressionHeb
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 Last March we introduced Finding Expressionism, an all-new workshop to our line up of retreats and workshops. We want to thank all that participated with us in these vibrant few days of creativity and art making. We want to thank Orly Dvir for her encouragement and enthusiasm for what we presented there.


We are proud once more to be associated with Orly Dvir Gallery as we bring again, Finding Expressionism to her studio in the Florentine neighborhood of Tel Aviv.

Read on to find out what you will experience when you participate in Finding Expressionism in Tel Aviv!

Expressionism has its place in all genres of painting.


Join us from 23 – 25 October 2018  to explore, painting and creativity down to the molecular level. This workshop is for painters of all levels. Your artwork will transform when you are able to be more free and expressive in your concepts, composition and with your drawing and painting style.

Daily Schedule:
• We will meet at the Orly Dvir Studio between 9:30 and 10am to start our day with coffee and snacks.
• Every day we will begin with different mini-workshops to open your mind to new ideas.
• Mid-day lunch will be served.
• Dinner will be served every evening and we will look at and talk about the day’s work.
• Thursday the 25th we will hang our work for a special reception that the public will be invited to and our final review of the work.

Where will we be?
This workshop will be held in the Orly Dvir’s Studio/Project space located in Florentine, Tel Aviv. This studio will allow us to spread out and create expressively with reckless abandon.


What will we do?
For three days we will be exploring different methods of creativity, ways to find inspiration and be inspired by everything. We will give you artistic challenges and problems to solve that, in the end, will provide you with the necessary tools to take your work beyond your current expectations.


Introduction and Expressionist art presentation
Tali and Royce will first introduce themselves and give the short version of the path they have walked together the last 12 years. A brief presentation of artwork by famous artists from impressionism to abstraction will enlighten us because it is always important to understand what has gone on before.

Drawing Safari
A Drawing Safari is an invaluable exercise and an ArtisTTable original. On this Drawing Safari we walk through the urban environment of Florentine and find exciting inspiration in this unlikely place. During our safaris we walk 2-5 minute and then we draw for 2 minutes and walk again. This is a great way to get to know and love your surroundings while you learn to look fast and draw fast.


Muse & Usability
We have developed Muse & Usability over the years an exercise to first off, really prove that inspiration can be found everywhere. It also introduces the power of collaboration and brilliance of individual expression.


Painting with Music Workshop
This workshop has been a part of the ArtisTTable from the very beginning. Painting with Music will liberate your body, mind, and paintbrush. You will be energized and excited by the knowledge you will have from pure experience. Later you will begin to channel this energy and transform it into a controlled expression of your creativity.


Art Materials:
The type of paint that you work with is up to you. (We suggest that you not use oil paint unless you are very familiar with working with it.)
Easel, drawing board.
Bring, paint, brushes, palette, rags and drawing tools.
The ArtisTTable will supply you with a 100 page A-5 sketchbook.
We suggest that you bring:
A pad of paper or canvases, or canvas panels that are about 17 X 25cm. The most comfortable size you can work with to make color sketches and studies on location.
3 canvases, or panels, or paper 90 X 70cm or as large as you can easily transport and work on.


Orly Dvir Studio
נמל יפו 32,
Tel Aviv, Israel 68033

We can’t wait to meet you!
We celebrate creativity whole-heartedly in our Finding Expressionism retreat. We will help you nurture your own creativity so that it will grow and grow. During our time together we will spend a lot of time working towards abstraction because all of the principles of great paintings such as composition, balance, color, texture and mark making exist there. Even if you are not an abstract painter, by allowing yourself to explore the challenge of making genuine and authentically original abstract art, the things you learn can be directly applied to your own artistic endeavors.


Tali and Royce have been presenting their own special version of art workshops in many settings around the world since 2007. Personal expression and discovering the creative being at the core of every participant is always their focus.

Both Tali and Royce are professional artists that practice their craft on a daily basis. Read more about Tali and Royce by clicking here.