About Tali Farchi

Tali Farchi was born and raised in the heights of Mount Carmel, Haifa. Growing up in the sun-drenched north of Israel is what gave shape to her artistic eye: a fascination with light has been a recurring theme in her work, even after moving to the less-than-sunny Netherlands.


Currently situated in the old medieval city of Zwolle (the Netherlands), Tali uses her work to explore the limits of traditional mediums, experimenting with brushstrokes, the texture of paint, and the relief of a canvas. Each of her works enters a conversation between structure and shape: and when she gets in the final word, the painting is done.


Though Tali’s work is often abstract in nature, she also harbors a passion for figure painting as well as landscape painting. In her sketchbook, she applies a quick hand to mediums such as oil pastels, aquarelles and charcoal. For more of her work, see here.