Isn’t That Beautiful?

No matter how obvious it might sound airplane travel is pretty amazing. The relatively short four-hour flight from Amsterdam’s Schipol airport to Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion allows you to wake up from a short nap in another world.

The differences between these different worlds are some of the things that the ArtisTTable thrives on and celebrates.


As we have been shopping for some last minute supplies for our art retreats in Néot Semadar, Tel Aviv/Jaffa, and Kfar Hess we have found ourselves in what one might call the circus of Ramat Gan’s Bialik  Street.

No matter what you might expect, there is a likelihood that you will still be surprised. Isn’t that beautiful?

As artists, it is our job to not only be aware, but to celebrate.


We are here in Israel and the excitement is high. We are meeting lots of old friends and making some new ones.

If you want to join us on any of our retreats here in Israel, time is running out but not too late.

Check out our site today for the details and get a hold of us at




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