ArtisTTable Art Retreats

Inspiration is essential to our well being.

When it comes to art, inspiration is that which breathes life into a work. But when it comes to life itself, inspiration is that which keeps us at wonder, that which allows us to find beauty in the everyday. And yet, how many of us find ourselves uninspired for days, weeks, or even years on end? Uninspired by our jobs, our environment, or even our own art?


At the ArtisTTable Art Retreats, our core goal is to reconnect you with your most inspired self. Our retreats, set in several of the world’s most breathtaking corners, are designed to encourage creation above all else. So allow yourself to unblock that block, to take that step toward inspiration, and come join us at ArtisTTable Art Retreats!

What do we offer at ArtisTTable Art Retreats?

Dazzling locations, from the rolling hills of the south of France, to the awe-inspiring  craters of the Negev desert.
• The space necessary for inspired creation: whether it be an open field, a solitary room, or a group outing.
• Guided creativity workshops
• Local tours
• Materials
• Coaching
• A lot of enthusiasm and good will

Who can go on retreat?

The ArtisTTable Art Retreats are open for anyone who is looking to get inspired. Are you interested in the ArtisTTable Art Retreats, but don’t consider yourself an artist? No worries! At ArtisTTable retreats, each individual participant is given the tools for creation: the end product is up to you.


Over the years, we have had writers, musicians, and visual artists of all media join us—but also business professionals and entrepreneurs looking for inspiration in an unexpected place. In other words: no matter your personal profile, if creativity is what you’re after—then ArtisTTable Art retreats will be right for you. For more information and testimonials, see here.


Where are the retreats?

Each year we offer new and exciting places to go get inspired. Next to our three fixed retreat-destinations—Olst, the Netherlands; Larochemillay, France; Traverse City, Michigan, USA; Beaver Island, Michigan, USA—we also offer a destination choices that change with each year.

For more on our 2017/2018 schedule, see below.

BANNERSmorvan copyMontagnes du France – Plein air adventure in the french countryside.
27 August to 03 September 2017 in Larochemillay, France.

BANNERSOLSTGenuinely Dutch – More plein air in the in middle of the rich farmland of Overijsel.
12 to 19 September in Olst, The Netherlands

BANNERSfigureFigure It Out! – A long figure drawing weekend with live models in and out of the studio.
28 September to 01 October in Traverse City, Michigan, USA

BANNERSupnorthUp North – Another plein air adventure on the largest island in Lake Michigan.
07 to 14 October on Beaver Island, Michigan, USA

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